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On the way to class, you walk north and then west such that your resultant displacement is 290 m in a direction 25deg west of north. Your average velocity is 2.0 m/s in the same direction as the displacement.
Calculate (a) your walking time and (b) your average speed.

  • Physics -

    Magnitude of displacement (vector)

    Walking time = distance /speed
    = 290m / 2.0m/s
    = 145s

    Northerly distance
    = 290cos(25°)
    = 262.8m
    Westerly distance
    = 290sin(25°)
    = 122.6m
    Total distance
    = 385.4m
    Average speed
    = 385.4m / 145s
    = 2.66 m/s

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