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What is the mass of a proton? Is it 1g, 1amu, or something else?

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    On a relative scale we often say the mass of a proton is 1, a neutron is 1 and an electron is 0 BUT that's a relative scale so we don't need to keep repeating those 10^- numbers for the exponents.
    The rest mass of a proton is 1.672E-27 kg. It is 1.007 amu. It is not 1g.

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    Okay, thank you! That is what I thought.

    Just another quick question-- I thought H+ was the same as a proton, but H has a mass of 1g, so why doesn't a proton have a mass of 1g? That is what made me confused about this question in the first place. Can you please explain it?

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