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The sun is a satellite of Milky Way's galactic central cluster. The sun revolves around this center with a radius of 2.28x10^20 m. and with a period of 2.52x10^8 years. If the universe is 16 billion years old. a) How many times has the galaxy rotated and b)with what speed is the sun traveling around the galactic cluster in m/s?

r=2.28x10^20 m.
T= 2.52x10^8 yrs.-> 7.94x10^15 s.
15 billion years -> 4.73x10^15 s.

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    Any chance you got the answer to this question?

    I have a professor who gave me a homework question that is IDENTICAL to this minus a few figure changes.

    I cant seem to figure out the formula for the galaxy rotation.

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