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which of the following is Phoebe most worried about?
A. that her cholesterol will be too high

B. that her mother has been kidnapped

C. that Prudence will not make the cheerleading squad

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    That her mother has been kidnapped, because her mother never left without a warning, strange hairs and other things around the house.


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    Cassie needs to stop helping this other person to cheat.

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    This is homework help. You ask questions people help answer them...she isn't posting the WHOLE test...she needs help on a few questions. This is the purpose for the site. And I didn't really help her cheat. I gave her the answer and the reason for it. So if she didn't understand why it was that one.. -.-

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    or he )

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    She/he will post every question, one at a time, if you don't stop this. Answering one or two ... no problem, but answering every single one promotes dependence and, eventually, cheating.

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