posted by Lycia

Which jar of peanut butter is the best buy? How do I calculate this?
A.18 oz jar for $1.69
B.30 oz jar for $2.59
C.32 oz jar for $2.89
D.24 oz jar for $2.09

  1. Ms. Sue

    Mark/Kayla/Lycia -- please use the same name for your posts.

    Divide the price by the number of ounces to get the price per ounce.

    A. 1.69 / 18 = $0.09 per ounce

  2. Lycia

    I am sorry! But thank you Ms. Sue!

  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, Lycia. :-)

  4. gloria

    A grocery store sells four different jars of peanut butter. Determine which is the best​ buy, based on the cost per unit.
    14 ounce for$1.71
    28 ounce for $2.94
    24ounce for $2.57
    34 ounce for$3.30

  5. Aliyah

    I picked a because it is the cheapest jar of peanut butter

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