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During a Merdeka Day celebration,a furniture company marked down the price of a queen size bed by 25%,selling it for $1200. At this reduced selling price,they made a markup of 10% on the selling price.

a) find the regular price of bed before marked down.

b) find the cost of bed.

c) what is the percentage of markup on the selling price of the bed would that furniture company has made if the bed is sold at its regular price

  • math(urgent) -

    .75p = 1200, so the original price p=1600

    Since the profit was 10% of 1200, the cost was 1080.

    At 1600, the profit would be 520, or 32.5% of the selling price.

    I gotta admire you syntax on that (c) part. That simply cannot be how the question was worded . . .

  • math(urgent) -

    i try do part c in two method but i don't which one is true..

    first method

    = 9.1

    second method
    = 100-10=90
    = 11.11%

    what do you think ?

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