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8.two species have a relationship with one another in an ecosystem. suppose one of these two species goes extinct. which type of relationship did the two have if the surviving species population increases after the other goes extinct?
A.the extinct species was a parasite in a parasitic relationship with the surviving species.
B.the extinct species relied on the surviing species in a commensal relationship.
C.the two species had a mutualistic relationship***
D.the surviving species preyed on the extinct species. --------------------------- 2.A biologist studying a desert ecosystem observes that the population of a lizard species increases following a particulary hot, dry period that causes a snake population to decline what could the biologist hypothesize bout the roles of these two species?
A.the lizard preys on the snake.
B.the lizard is a parasite of the snake***.
C.the snake and lizard use the same limiting resource
D.the snake is a keystone species in the ecosystem

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