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A is a solution of HCL containing 7.30g/dm3.B is a solution ofX2CO3 containing 10.6g/dm3.assume that average volume of acid is 2.81cm3 and the volume of base is 25.00cm3.from your result and information .calculate (I)concentration of A in mol/dm3(ii)concentration of B in mol/dm3 (H-1.00 cl-35.5 O-16.00 C-12.0

  1. DrBob222

    2HCl + X2CO3 ==> H2O + CO2 + 2XCl

    mols HCl = g/molar mass = 7.3/36.5 = ?
    M HCl = mols/dm3 = about 0.2

    In the titration,
    mols HCl = 0.00281 x 0.2 = ?
    mols X2CO3 = 1/2 that from the coefficients
    M X2CO3 = mols X2CO3/25 = ?

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