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Spanish 2

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Can someone help me with these two? Thanks! :)

Directions: Re-write the sentences in Spanish. The sentences are in all tenses.

1.) Include a direct or indirect object pronoun in the re-write:
He used to buy books for the students.

2.) We have eaten breakfast.

My answers:

1.)SolĂ­a ​​comprar libros para los estudiantes.

2.) Hemos desayunado.

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    I'll send this to SraJMcGin, our Spanish expert.

  • Spanish 2 -

    1. You can also use the Imperfect = Compraba (unos/los) libros para los estudiantes.
    IF you must use a direct ot indirect object pronoun, and those were the instructions = Les compraba libros para (a) los estudiantes.

    2. correct but with pronoun = El desayuno, lo hemos comido.


    Again, I 'll flag this in case y ou have further questions.

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