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Look at the table of radioactive isotypes below.

Isotype Type of Decay
Uranium-238 Alpha
Nickel-63 Beta
Iodine-131 Beta
Radium-226 Alpha

With the help of a periodic table, predict the element that forms in each case.
I'm confused by this. Am I suppose to research each of the isotypes and find out what element they have or compare it to the elements that are in the periodic table?

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    U238 for example has 92 protons and therefore 146 neutrons

    It loses an alpha particle which is a helium nucleus, 2 protons and 2 neutrons

    NOW we have an element with
    92 - 2 = 90 protons
    238 - 4 = 234 atomic mass ignoring E = mc^2

    What has 90 protons?
    Th Thorium 232 is usual isotope but we have Th234 at present

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    Note from wikioedia:
    Uranium-238 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to Radioactivity and decay - [edit]. 238U radiates alpha-particles and decays
    **** (by way of thorium-234 ****** and protactinium-234) into uranium-234. 234U ...

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