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Cross section of the brain
Located in the forebrain, the (A)__________ is responsible for controlling homeostasis and making adjustments in how the organs work. While the rest of the brain is protected from viruses, bacteria, toxins, and hormones in the blood, this part of the brain is not protected by the blood-brain (B)__________.

What is the name for the area of the forebrain that is exposed to the bloodstream and controls homeostasis? Hint: this part of the brain also controls thirst, hunger, and sexual behavior.

  • Human Biology please help -


  • Human Biology please help -

    Yes I believe but the last question of this I sure don't know

  • Human Biology please help -

    My other answer was this but school said it was wrong my answers are Hypothalamus and Astrocytes but sophia learning saying it wrong

  • Human Biology please help -

    I think that the blank is referring to the blood-brain barrier. And the hypothalamus is the correct answer choice for A.

  • Human Biology please help -

    Thank you do to this school is like gotta be a doctor to know anything they have if you could would you help on one more .

  • Human Biology please help -

    Check your subsequent post.

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