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How many mL of concentrated HCl would be required to make 200mL of a 4M solution? Specific gravity = 1.2, assay = 40%

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    I would first convert 40% HCl into molarity.
    40% (I guess that's w/w) HCl means 40g HCl/100 g solution.
    40g/36.5 = approx 1.10 mols HCl
    mass = volume x density so volume = mass/density. That 100 g soln = 100/1.2 = approx 80 mL or 0.08 L; therefore, the molarity is 1.1/0.08L = about 14 M but you need to go through and redo all of these numbers more accurately.
    Then use the dilution formula of
    mL1 x M1 = mL2 x M2.
    200 x 4 = mL2 x 14
    Solve for mL2.

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