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Algebra 1 (Step-by-Step)

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Will someone explain how to solve this?

Write each equation in standard form. Solve by using the Quadratic Formula.

1. -7 = x^2

  • Algebra 1 (Step-by-Step) -

    this has been answered already. Reiny just stated that since x^2 is always positive, there's no real value of x which can produce -7 when squared.

    Damon actually wrote the quadratic in standard form, applied the formula and gave the complex solutions.

    Just what is it that is still bothering you?

  • Algebra 1 (Step-by-Step) -

    1. -7 = X^2

    x^2 + 7 = 0

    X =( -B +- sqrt(B^2-4AC))/2A
    X = (0 +- sqrt(0-28))/2 =
    sqrt(28*(-1))/2 = 5.29i/2 = +-2.65i

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