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Paul bowled 6 games today. His scores are shown below.

Game 1: 158 Game 2: 124 Game 3: 110
Game 4: 167 Game 5: 146 Game 6: 165

a. What was Paul's median score for the 6 games? Answer: 152

b. What was Paul's mean score for the 6 games? Answer: 145

c. Paul will bowl one more game. What is the minimum score Paul must achieve in the next game so that his mean score for all 7 games is at least 150? Answer: ?

Please help me with part c

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    the total points is the mean times the number of games. So, right now he has
    870 points for 6 games.

    150 points/game * 7 games = 1050 total points

    1050-870 = 180

    Anything over 180 will raise his average score above 150 for the 7 games.

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