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I have to write a 1000 word essay on connecting, Hamlet's dealing with rejection, depression to THE real world life. How it affect's me.

So can you help me with some dot jots on how depression can relate tothe world (peoples situations) from hamlet?

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    Think about this ~

    Hamlet was away at a university in Germany when he was informed about his father's death. It was probably a month after his father's death when he got the news, and it probably took another month for him to get back home. He missed his father's funeral, but (even worse) he found that his uncle had taken the throne and his mother had married his uncle!

    Wasn't Hamlet the prince? Shouldn't he have become the king?

    His uncle treated him like a moody kid. His mother went along with her new husband. How do you think he felt about that?

    He realizes how soon after his father's death that his mother married the uncle. What do you think Hamlet thought about that?

    Then his father's ghost appears and tells him that the uncle had murdered him, and how he did it. Now how do you think Hamlet feels?

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