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Greetings! I did my homework, but I don't know if my answers are right or not. I wanted to know if you can help. My answers will be with a * beside it.
1. Which one of the following choices is a mental symptom of distress?
A. Memory loss
B. High self-esteem
C. Hallucinations
*D. Sleep disorders
2. How can you reduce the stress of completing a project?
A. Work on the project well into the night.
B. Put off the project until the last minute.
*C. Take a break from the project when you need it.
D. Devote at least eight hours a day to the project.
3. How can doing something for someone else help to relieve stress?
A. It helps you to sleep better.
B. It helps you become numb to social issues.
*C. It gets your mind off your own troubles.
D. It can get you time off from work or school.
4. Which of the following physiological symptoms are signs of stress?
A. Hearing and vision loss
B. Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
*C. Headaches and elevated blood pressure
D. Dental cavities and bone loss
5. Which one of the following chemicals does the body generate during regular exercise?
A. Adrenaline
B. Sodium chloride
C. Estrogen
*D. Endorphins
6. Distress is a form of
*A. negative stress.
B. positive stress.
C. disease.
D. expected stress.
7. When should you suggest a client use progressive muscle relaxation?
A. When the client is stressed while driving
B. After the client eats a large meal
*C. When the client is having trouble relaxing
D. Before the client begins an intense exercise routine
8. Which one of the following choices best represents a potential stressor?
*A. An unexpected visit
B. A surprise gift
C. A long-awaited salary raise
D. A decrease in gas prices
9. The first step in handling stress is
A. removing all stressors from your environment.
B. catching up on missed sleep.
*C. becoming aware of your own reaction to it.
D. trying to relax through meditation techniques.
10. What is the purpose of the mantra during meditation?
A. It lets everyone know you're meditating.
*B. It allows you to concentrate on one peaceful sound.
C. It helps to relax the muscles.
D. It helps to release endorphins.
11. What does the acronym HALT stand for?
A. Healthy, active, lean, toned
B. High-strung, anxious, labored, tense
*C. Hungry, angry, lonely, tired
D. Help, avoid, learn, talk
12. Which one of the following symptoms indicates that a person is in the alarm stage of stress?
A. Blurred vision
B. Hyperventilation
C. High level of concentration
*D. Racing heartbeat
13. What is the purpose of breathing exercises?
*A. To settle the body and mind
B. To decrease your sense of awareness
C. To release endorphins
D. To release adrenaline
14. Which one of the following choices would indicate that a person has entered the exhaustion stage of
A. Exercising more than usual
B. Crying at a sad movie
*C. A cold that doesn't seem to go away
D. Visiting with friends
15. How does regular exercise improve cardiovascular function during times of stress?
A. It reduces the amount of endorphins released in the body.
*B. It increases oxygen supplies and lowers triglyceride levels.
C. It reduces carbon dioxide supplies and raises triglyceride levels.
D. It increases the level of hormones circulating in the body.
16. What nutritional supplement is recommended for helping the body handle stress?
A. No supplements are recommended for stress management.
B. Zinc
*C. Vitamin C
D. Iron
17. How often should you use deep, relaxing breathing techniques?
A. Only when you've gotten enough sleep
B. No more than twice a day
C. Only during periods of stress
*D. Every day
18. Which one of the following choices might be an appropriate image for visualization?
A. A picture of a favorite relative from the past
B. The pet you had as a child
C. A car driven very fast
*D. A beach at low tide
19. How does visualization promote relaxation and stress reduction?
A. It reminds you of other tasks you need to complete.
B. It encourages your friends and family to stay away.
*C. It enables you to make the world "go away" for awhile.
D. It produces helpful chemicals in your muscles.
20. Eustress is a form of
A. negative stress.
End of exam
B. endorphin.
C. estrogen.
*D. positive stress.

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    I checked your first ten answers, and they look right to me.

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    ok thanks @Ms.Sue

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    You're welcome, Tazkiyah.

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