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After 1788, states had no control over
a.local government and education.
b.the chartering of corporations.
c.the development and administration of civil and criminal law.
d.issuing legal currency.

In Congress’s first session after the ratification of the Constitution, James Madison encouraged the legislators to
a.add a constitutional amendment banning slavery in the Northwest Territory.
b.put together a bill of rights.
c.adopt the amendments proposed by state ratifying conventions.
d.adopt amendments written by the people rather than those written by state ratifying conventions.

After the Constitution was ratified, some Federalists believed that a federal bill of rights was unnecessary because
a.the United States was not a monarchy.
b.portions of the English Bill of Rights had already been included in the Constitution.
c.the system of checks and balances would prevent Congress from abusing its power.
d.people were already promised these rights under state constitutions.

Many states were unwilling to sign the Constitution _________________________.
a.because it gave too much power to the states
b.because it had borrowed too many ideas from the English Magna Carta,
c.unless it gave universal suffrage
d.unless it included a Bill of Rights

Antifederalists such as Patrick Henry feared that
a.insufficient checks and balances on the federal government existed.
b.the Constitution’s checks and balances would give the states too much power.
c.more checks and balances were needed to guarantee that the federal government had enough power.
d.checks and balances alone would not solve America’s economic problems.

Please check, thanks?

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    On the first one I change to b

  • Constituion: Check?ASAP please Thanks -

    The second one I change to c, the third one to d, and the last to d

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    Ahh -- you've adopted another unique name.

    I agree with your answer for 4; I disagree with the others.

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    I only checked your first set of answers.

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    Do you disagree with the original answers, or my second choice answers?

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    Sorry I didn't see your second response.

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    I apologize for changing it again, but I think the second one is d.

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    Are those your final answers?

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    the answer is B I just did this one

  • Constituion: Check? Thanks -

    In Congress’s first session after the ratification of the Constitution, James Madison encouraged the legislators to

    the answer is B

    sorry I didn't say that before

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