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cost price = RM1780
rate of trade discounot = 30%,10% and 5%

as we know to get trade discount is= list price X trade disount rate

so i do : RM1780x0.3xo.1xo.o5 = RM2.67

BUT in my book the answer is RM714.67.

WHAT the step or formula that i cannot make to solve this question .pls help me

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    One step calculation

    price = 1780(.7)(.9)(.95)
    = 1065.33

    Discount = 1780-1065.33 = $714.67


    first discount = .3(1780) = 534
    leaving 1246
    2nd discount = .1(1246) = 124.60
    leaving 1121.4
    3rd discount = .05(1121.4 = 56.07
    leaving 1065.33
    Discount = 1780 - 1065.33 = 714.67 as above

    your calculation is a meaningless calculation.

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