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Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

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find the limit algebraically. Use L'Hospital's Rule where appropriate. If there is a moare elementary method, consider using it. If L'Hospital's Rule doesn't apply, explain why

lim -> 0 (cot(x)-(1/x))

show work please!!!

  • Calculus Help Please Urgent!!! -

    lim -> 0 (cot(x)-(1/x)) , x---> 0
    = sec^2 x + 1/x^2 by L'Hospital's Rule

    but that is just as bad

    try experimentally ... using a Calculator
    let x = .0001
    I get -.0000333

    let x = .000001
    my calculator says 0

    the red dot shows the value of the limit

  • Calculus Help Please Urgent!!! -

    Hmmm. we all know that
    tan x -> x as x->0
    so, cot x -> 1/x as x->0

    so the limit ought to be zero.

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