posted by Hallie

Hey guys!
I need some help on improving my vocal cords for my music class. I am 13 and I really need help with singing. My teacher says my voice sounds terrible and I would really like to sound pretty. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do instead of buying something????

  1. Ms. Sue

    You may find some ideas here.

  2. Hallie

    Well... Fact is... I am not allowed on there.
    That is why I came here. After all. It IS a school question.

  3. Ms. Sue

    None of us is an expert in singing. Ask your parents to help you find good information in those Google sites.

  4. Hallie

    Are you like a teacher or a student or something???? (Not to be rude) :)

  5. Ms. Sue

    I'm a retired teacher.

  6. Hallie

    Oh okay! That makes sense now. Whenever I com on here I always see your name. I wonder, "Wow! This student never gets school done or something." Well I guess it is, "or something."
    Anyway I still need help with learning how. My parents are divorced so I live with my father and he is at work from 3am to 10pm (as a manager) so he doesnt have the time to teach me. Neither does my music teacher because she needs to just teach us how to sing the songs.

  7. Senzekile mdluli

    Need help2 on my speech about traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only

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