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48x + 32y/32

I have 48x/32 & 32y/32 = 3x/2 + 2y/2 = 3x/2 + y

Am I working this correctly?

Also 25a + 5b + 15c/10
would I be correct to divide by 5?

  • MATH Algebra -

    You must use brackets to establish the correct order of operation.
    According to your steps, the question was:

    (48x + 32y)/32

    = 48x/32 + 32y/32
    = 3x/2 + y

    you have the correct answer.

    <Also 25a + 5b + 15c/10
    would I be correct to divide by 5?>

    yes, but again you will need brackets.
    The way you typed it, only the 15c is divided by 10

    (25a + 5b + 15c)/10
    = 5(5a + b + 3c)/10
    = (5a + b + 3c)/2
    = 5a/2 + b/2 + 3c/2

    either answer is correct.

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