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So I have some questions that start with Do the data sets have a positive, a negative or no correlation?
Can anyone help explain what this means?
An example is "The amount of time spent in the bathtub and the temperature of the bath water." I am confused, thank you.

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    It would depend on how you were measuring the temperature. There are two factors operating here. First, the water does lose heat. Second, the body adapts to the temperature, so even without losing heat, the water does not seem as hot. If only a thermometer is being used, that would be different from the person's subjective estimate of the temperature.

    Assuming that you have relatively hot bath water, there is a negative relationship[ between time and temperature. The long the water stays, the cooler it will get, at least until it reaches room temperature.

    Negative correlation involves one variable increasing, while the other decreases.

    Positive correlation involves two variables increasing/decreasing together.

    No correlation involves r close to zero.

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