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Method for getting correct answer? Thank you!
The reaction below is an endothermic reaction. What would one have to do to shift the equilibrium to the right?
SO2Cl2(g)↔SO2(g) + Cl2(g)

a. Decrease the temperature

b. Increase the temperature

c. Remove some reactant

d. An inert gas is added to the reaction mixture


    Put that endothermic part into the equation so you can see how it affects the reaction.
    SO2Cl2 + heat ==> SO2 + Cl2

    Le Chatelier's Principle says that when we do something to a reaction that is in equilibrium that the reaction will shift so as to undo what we've done to it. So if we want it to shift to the right we can
    a. add SO2Cl2 which will make it shift to the right so as to use up what we've added.
    b. Remove SO2 it will shift to the right to increase SO2.
    c. Remove Cl2. Same reason as b.
    d. If we increase pressure it will shift to the side with fewer mols which means to the left so if we decrease pressure it will shift to the right.
    e. Add heat. Adding heat will make it shift to the right so as to use up the added heat. Cooling the reaction obviously makes it shift to the left.


    Thank you for the help!

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