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Science (chemistry)

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Write a balanced chemical equation and state the reaction type for each of the following reactions:

a.) nitrogen gas reacts with hydrogen gas forming ammonia (NH3)
b.) carbonic acid breaks down to form carbon dioxide gas and water
c.) aluminum foil reacts with copper II chloride solution to produce aluminum chloride solution and copper metal
d.) aluminum chloride reacts with lead II nitrate to form lead chloride and aluminum nitrate
e.) water undergoes electrolysis to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas

  • Science (chemistry) -

    I suppose you could do these if you knew how to do the MgCl2, AgNO3 etc.

  • Science (chemistry) -

    I'm seriously stuck, and it's not like I want the answers, I have done all my other work but these are the questions that have made me stuck and ill really appreciate it if u could do them cause I have to hand this in or I won't be able to do the test tomorow

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