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Jameka bought a $60.00 necklace on sale for 40% off its regular price. Caitlyn bought an $80.00 necklace for 55% off its regular price. Who paid the least amount for their necklace? Show your work and explain your reasoning

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    I've showed you how to do several similar problems. Now it's your turn.

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    I am not sure of this but I have that jameka paid the least which is $24 and Caitlyn paid the most which is $44?

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    When we take a percentage off a regular price, we need to subtract that from the regular price.

    60 * 0.4 = 24
    60 - 24 = 36

    You can also subtract 40% from 100% leaving 60% Jameka paid 0.6 * 60 = 36

    Now figure out how much Caitlyn paid.

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