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1) (x+y)^2 - (a+b)^2
= [(x+y) - (a+b)] [(x+y) + (a+b)]
= [x+y-a-b] [x+y+a+b]

2) 6x^4 - 6
= 6(x^4 - 1)
= 6(x^2-1)(x^2+1)

Is this right?

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    1. x^2 +2xy +y^2 -a^2-2ab-B^2
    2. 6(x^4-1) = 6(x^2-1)(x^2 +1)

    = 6(x-1)(x+1)(x^2+1)

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    #2 is ok, but not yet complete:

    x^2-1 = (x-1)(x+1)

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