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logic and math

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Calculate the truth value (f or V)
a. Is it true that if (the Papaya is a fruit from the Caricaseas or the Pitahaya is the fruit of a plat from the Cactaseas) then (el Cohombro is a fruit of a plant from the family of the Cucurbitaceas or the Nisper is a fruit of a tree from the family of the Rosaceas).
b. Occurs that 19 is compound or if 12 is even then to is equal to 3 .
c. That 7 is a raw is a necessary condition for that the Twin Towers of New York were destroyed a September 11 or that Saddam Hussein were executed.
d. It happens that Natalia Paris is the superior sister of a monastery only if Amparo Grisales is A Nobel in Chemistry.
e. Saiddam Hussein was executed only if or Barack Obama is a priest or Michael Jackson was accused of rape.
f. Popayán is not the Cauca capital if and only if happens the necessary and sufficient condition for that Colombia becomes a South America country is that Bolivia does not have sea.

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