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I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to setup and solve these problems:
1) 2,600.0 mL of air is at 20.0C. What is the volume at 60.0C?

2) A gas occupies 900.0 mL at a temperasture of 27.0C. What is the volume at 132.0C?

3) What change in volume results if 60.0 mL of gas is cooled from 33.0C to 5.00C?

4) Given 300.0 mL of a gas at 17.0C. What is its volume at 10.0C?

5) A gas occupies 1.00 L. What is the volume at 333.0C?

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    these are (p*v)/t problems
    t=temperature (in kelvin)

    it doesnt mention pressures in these problems so we assume it remains constant.
    the problems should be set up as:
    (Volume of initial)/(temp. of initial) = (volume of final)/(temp. of final)

    plug in and solve for the missing piece

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