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What is the most likely reason the author wrote " Eagle's Flight "

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    Is this it?

    "The Eagle's Flight

    For the hunter’s fright, Eagle’s talons command,
    While the Eagle’s heights abound the flight.
    For the hunter’s smile, the Eagle’s pasts remind;
    In Eagle’s might, smiles the hunter’s fright.

    The Eagle could not; all its commands keep held,
    If the Eagle’s hunter too wore some talons,
    For its smiles forever come to mock the foe fled,
    In scared hunters, since times ago in ages.

    For to the mighty Eagle, talons are rewarding,
    In the flights high, talons well persevere,
    And in the Eagle’s shadows cast, its will to spring
    More ladders, the Eagle to shove higher.

    The Eagle’s talons will not for a day go blunt,
    For its scratches will them, keep sharp,
    And the broken ones, victims will surely meant
    While witnesses will be playing the harp."

    June 2003
    Ben Banda

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    Then I don't know to which work you're referring.

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