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During April, a customer asks you to create an arrangement for an invalid friend who must stay at home
for five more days. The invalid friend loves flowers, especially fragrant ones. The amount the customer is
willing to spend on the arrangement for this dear friend is so high that you know you won't be limited in
your choice of flowers. There are no limits given by the customer as to size or style, but the customer
would like the arrangement to include blue-purple and yellow flowers to match the friend's décor. The
customer would also like the arrangement to cheer the friend for at least the remaining five days that the
friend has to stay at home. You begin planning the arrangement by making a list of form, filler, and line
materials, keeping color and fragrance in mind. You check the seasonal availability and vase life of each
item in your reference materials.
Which of the following could be used as line flowers for this arrangement?
A. Gladiolus in pink
B. Gypsophila
C. Delphinium
D. Freesia

  • Floral design -

    I think its C. Delphinium, but I'm not sure... Help!

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    I am 100% sure

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