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Fiona and camila took a load of peaches to the farmers market. During the first hour , they sold 1/2 of the peaches plus 1/2 of a peach. In the second hour, they sold 1/3 of the remaining peaches plus 1/3 of a peach. In the third hour , they so,d 1/4 of what was left and 3/4 of a peach. During the final hour, they sold 1/5 of the peaches that were left plus 1/5 of a peach. Fiona and camila did not cut any peaches to make a sale, and they returned home with 19 whole peaches. How many peaches did they take to the market?

  • Algebra - typo? -

    Before I start figuring, is there a typo in hour 3?

    All the other hours they sold n/n+1 - 1/n peaches, but that 3/4 instead of 1/4 bothers me.

  • Algebra -

    Nope.....I checked and it isn't a typo.

  • Algebra- help please!!!! -

    Please help Steve! This is due tomorrow and I have no idea how to figure this out!!!

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