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Calculate the amount of energy released per gram of nuclei when 2 protium nuclei react to form deuterium nucleus (protium = 1.00782 amu, deuterium = 2.01410 amu).

The answer in the book is -2.0 x 10^10 J, but I don't have any idea on how to do this. Please help, and thank you so much.

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    I get close to that answer if we neglect the fact that an extra electron produced is ignored, AND I think you transposed numbers for the mass of the proton. I think
    (2.0141 - 2*1.00728) = ? amu
    Change to kg.
    ?amu x (1/6.022E23*1000) = kg
    E = kg*c^2 and that gives me 6.86E-14 per atom.
    Convert to mols = 6.86E-14 x 6.022E23 = -4.13E10J/2.0141 grams or 2.05E10 J/g.

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