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Consider the following balanced equation: 2N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)→3N2(g)+4H2O(g) Complete the following table showing the appropriate number of moles of reactants and products. If the number of moles of a reactant is provided, fill in the required amount of the other reactant, as well as the moles of each product formed. If the number of moles of a product is provided, fill in the required amount of each reactant to make that amount of product, as well as the amount of the other product that is made.
Mol N2H4 Mol N2O4 Mol N2 Mol H2O

_____ _____ 10.9 _____

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    Someone got happy with the instructions. Verbose I think. And you can't do this with the coefficients? Here is the first one.

    You have 10.9 mols N2 if I read that table right. You want to know mols N2H4.
    10.9 mol N2 x (2 mols N2H4/3 mols N2) \ 10.9 x 2/3 = ?

    Or from N2 to H2O is
    10.9 mols N2 x (4 mols H2O/3 mols N2) = 10.9 x (4/3) = ?

    I'll bet you can do the others without any help.

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    bums away

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