Business studies,history,tourism and maths lit

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What career choices do you have in mind?

  • Business studies,history,tourism and maths lit -

    I'm a retired teacher so I don't have any career choices in mind.

  • Business studies,history,tourism and maths lit -

    On business ucn get the business homen or to do the business minagement......then on history ucan be a lawyer.e.t.c

  • Business studies,history,tourism and maths lit -

    I'm still a grade 9 in high school and I'm really confused about the career I want and the subjects I want to take

  • Business studies,history,tourism and maths lit -

    #anele...No dear i thnk u nyd to do ecomomics,wid accounting,Yeah... business studies too and maths or maths.lit along wid others compulsory

  • dram art ,history,tourism and maths lit -

    I'm grade 11 I'm doing that subject next year I'm doing grade 12 idon't know what job can do??

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