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A)Could you add marbles to a beaker filled with sand and get the same results?

B)How does the Particle theory model explain that a substance can be solid while having spaces between its particles?

C)Why does 50 ml of water and 5oml of sugar NOT produce 100 ml of a solution when mixed?

D)How does the particle theory of matter explain the decrease in volume when alcohol is added to water?


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    A. Same results as what?
    B. Compare the density of two materials; i.e., Al and Au. Al is about 2.7 g/cc and Au is close to 20 g/cc. So th same mass of Al occupies much more space. Why. Because of the spaces between Au atoms are not th same as spaces between Al atoms.
    C. Some of the sugar molecules fit into the spaces between H2o MOLEUCLES.
    D. See the answer to C.

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