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Can someone check if the questions and the sentences are grammatical? Thank you.

1)Can you fly with a Bergonian passport?
2) Why might visitors not be welcome on Seeland?
3) What are the citizens of the Aerican Empire like?
4) What happened to Danny when he accepted his friend’s invitation?
5) Which micronation in the text do you think is the most interesting?
6) Would you like to rule a nation? Where would you start a new nation and what would you call it?
7) What laws would you have if you were asked to rule a nation?
8) Have you ever downloaded software or music illegally?
9) What do you find annoying/interesting/embarrassing/boring?
Mention one thing which worries you.
10) What does the security guard wish people would do?
11) What does he ask Mark to do?
The security guard tells Mark he is not allowed to skateboard there because it is private property.
The security guard wishes people would notice these signs.
Delivery truck come in there all the time, so if people skateboard they’ll have an accident.
Though Mark hasn’t done anything wrong, the security guard suggests he look for a different place
Mark apologises to him and excuses himself by saying that he didn’t realise it was private property.

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