can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book

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can someone from connections academy help me with this Dragonewings (book) quiz!??

Read each group of sentences. Decide which event happened first, next, and last. Then select the answer listing the letters in the correct order.

1. a) Black Dog attacks Moon Shadow and steals money he has collected.

b) Black Dog gives Moon Shadow a knife.

c) Windrider and Moon Shadow help find Black Dog when he is missing.
(1 point)

a, b, c***
b, c, a
c, b, a

2. a) Windrider and Moon Shadow leave the Company to move to Oakland.

b) Windrider flies Dragonwings.

c) Uncle invites Windrider to be a partner in the Company.
(1 point)

a, b, c
b, c, a
c, a, b

3. a) Windrider tells the story of the Dragon King.

b) Moon Shadow is born.

c) Windrider moves to America.
(1 point)

a, b, c
c, b, a***
c, a, b

4. a) The earthquake damages buildings and homes.

b) Moon Shadow stands up to Jack, the bully.

c) The Great Fire causes widespread destruction.
(1 point)

c, b, a
b, a, c
a, b, c

Conflict is the struggle between opposing forces in a story. Internal conflict takes place within a character’s mind. External conflict takes place between two outside forces (such as nature, society, fate, or another character). Identify each of the following as either an internal or external conflict.

5. Uncle’s pride versus his desire to apologize when he is wrong (1 point)
internal conflict***
external conflict

6. Moon Shadow’s confrontation with neighborhood bullies (1 point)
internal conflict
external conflict***

7. The discrimination of Chinese immigrants by the soldiers in Golden Gate Park (1 point)
internal conflict
external conflict***

8. Windrider’s dilemma—choosing between helping his family and building his airplane (1 point)
internal conflict***
external conflict

as u can see i know a few but i don't know #2 & #4. (i think #4 is option b but i am not sure at all)
pls help asap!

  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -

    is #2 option c???

  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -

    u go to con nexus

  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -

    Hello this is you lag arts teacher when i found out with student you are you will be kicked out of our school!!

  • sry, but can someone pls help!?? -

    yes i do go to connexus, and i just want people to check my work! not anwer it! its just like parents except online!
    and no LA teacher would put grammar mistakes in sentences, its not with, it which.

  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -


  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -


  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -

    1- D
    3- C
    4- B
    But seriously don't use this if u don't need it please be reasponsaible

  • can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book -

    100% right! thank you 'Okay connections academy students here you go DRAGON WINGS CHAPTERS 3-4':)

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