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I know this is awkward and off topic because this is a tutorial site but..........I am an often tutoree...... And need your help...

I have had acne for 5 years. I know people are looking at my face with a disgusting look. My aunts,uncles,and cousins are back talking about me. I knew that they were talking about me.....

My skin hasn't improved and this lowers my confidence.....

Please (with tears right now as I am typing) give some words of comfort and something funny to lighten my day............. Please also post some helpful sites so that I can CURE MY ACNE NATURALLY....

BTW, have any of you had acne??

If so,do you feel the same way as me??

If not,I admire you skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please share me your beauty secrets if you have clear skin......

Thank you in advance.
Thank you so much..

Have a great afternoon!!!!!!

:( acne

One pimple dies and a hundred appears for its funeral :( :(

  • Acne -

    I recommend you see a dermatologist.

  • Acne -

    I have had acne for several years. I was finally able to cure it by:

    1. taking multivitamins.
    2. eliminating caffeine from my diet.

    Other things that helped me include

    3. eliminating all sugared drinks (pop, juice, fruit juice)
    4. drinking lots of water
    5. getting a full 8+ hours of sleep

    Hang in there, and keep fighting!

  • Acne -

    I had severe acne from the time I was 14 (maybe 15) or so and I suffered the same way you do/have. My wife had it but it had cleared up by the time we were married. Mine diminished as I grew older but I had pockets of it until I was 50. Our son got a double dose from his parents and we pledged that if we had children we would take care of it. We did what Ms Sue has recommended. We took him to a dermatologist and within two or three months of treatment his acne was gone. There are a lot of myths about what causes acne; as far as I know all of them are false. Talk to a dermatologist to find the real reasons and ask about treatment options. There was little I could do as a teenager but put up with it and muddle through; there is help now. Good luck.

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