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Let f be the function given by f(x)= 2x/(sqrt(x^2 +x +1))

c. Write an equation for each horizontal asymptote of the graph of f.
d. Find the range of f. Use f'(x) to justify your answer.

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    when x gets really big positive
    this is
    y = 2 (big) / sqrt(big ^2)
    which is y = 2
    when x gets really big negative
    y = 2 (-big number) / big number
    which is y = - 2

    well, let's look at the derivative since they say so
    [ (x^2+x+1)2 - 2x(.5)(x^2+x+1)^-.5(2x) ]/(x^2+x+1)
    yuuk, whose idea was this?
    I suggest going to
    and put in
    2 x/(x^2+x+1)^.5

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    Thank you!

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