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a.) How can you describe the location of vanadium (V, atomic number 23) on the periodic table? Choose all that apply.

1. period 5, group 4 <<<My choices>>>
2. period 4, group 5
3. lanthanum series <<<My choices>>>
4. nonmetals
5. transition metals <<<My choices>>>

b.) What is true about the element calcium (Ca, atomic number 20)? Choose all that apply.

1. It has 2 valence electrons <<<My choices>>>
2. It has 4 valence electrons
3. It is a nonmetals <<<My choices>>>
4. It is a reactive
5. It is a metal <<<My choices>>>

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    Subject: The Periodic Table

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    calcium is NOT a nonmetal, it is on the left side of the table. It is reactive..ever get your hands in quick lime?
    Vandium is not group 4, see this:
    Lanthanum series start at element 57, doesn't it?

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    It can not be a metal and a non metal, but it is reactive, has to valance electrons, and is a metal

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