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How far from an earthquake epicenter is a city where the difference between the P-wave and the S-wave arrival times is 5 minutes and 00 seconds?

  1. Damon

    The difference in speed is maybe 8 km/s

    these are 5*60 = 300 seconds apart

    so 8 * 300 = 2400 km

  2. andra

    thanks, i got that too, my fault i should've included the options
    1.7 x 10^3
    9.9 x 10^3
    3.5 x 10^3
    4.7 10^3

  3. Damon

    Well, the speed of compression and shear waves depends strongly on the characteristics of the ground they are passing through. We could get answers all over those choices depending on what we chose for the difference in speed. Your text or course notes must have given you typical values to use that differ from the ones we chose.

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