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Quick math help

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Can someone please check my math Hw? Thank you!!
Solve each system by elimination.

1. 8x+7y=-1
I got (-1,1)
2. 4x+3y=1
I got (2,-2)
3. -7x-6y=-21
I got (3,0)
4. -2x+3y=-16
I got (8,0)
5. -7x+2y=13
I got (0,0)
6. 15x-8y=14
I got (2,2)
7. x-6y=22
I got (-8,-5)
8. 2x+10y=30
I got (0,3)
9. -35x-15y=0
I got (0,0)
10. -56x+72y=-16
I need help with this one!!!

  • Quick math help -

    You do not need us to check.
    Put your answers back in the original equations.
    as for #10

    divide top by 2
    divide second by 7
    -7 x + 9 y = -2
    -7 x + 9 y = -2
    NO solution. This is the same line repeated, no intersection
    In linear algebra if one row is identical to or a multiple of another, the determinant of the coefficient matrix is zero and the solution is undefined.

  • Quick math help -

    Can you check number 5? Is it no solution?

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