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please answer these already??

1.The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by

A.using terracing and irrigation to farm. a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. peacefully with neighbors.
D.settling along the coasts where they could fish.

6.What feature of the Aztec capital of Tenochititlán is still in use in Mexico City today?

A.the Z├│calo
B.the sewage system
C.the public baths
D.the aqueducts

9.Given what you learned about the Aztec, what is likely a major weakness of empires?

A.They lack resources.
B.They conduct far-flung trade.
C.They make enemies.
D.They have superior weapons.

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    I decline to reply on the grounds that I think you can show some pretty good guesses before I get into the act.

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