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Why the Louisiana purchase an important event in American history?

How do today’s elections differ from the election of 1800?

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    Well in the elections blacks could not vote.

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    It all eventually became part of the U.S.

    Women couldn't vote either.

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    Before 1803 the United States was a small country on the east coast of North America.
    The US was blocked from westward expansion by Spanish and then French ownership of the Mississippi River valley all the way to the Great Lakes.
    The Purchase of the Louisiana territory from France opened up the way to the West, and in fact shortly Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark not only to traverse and map and measure the way across the Louisiana territory but to continue all the way to the west coast, claiming the territory all the way. All of a sudden the US was huge (although with a tiny population for all that property. Many of the natives had died from European diseases by then)

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    It seems we are presently stumbling backward in the voting category :(

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    this is what im puting for #1 It was important because The louisiana purchase doubled the size of America and it brought new cultures and citizens.

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    Aliens were not allowed to vote either {aliens meaning foreigners}
    in hindsight america was really strict with their voting rights.

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