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The attendance A (in millions) at NCAA womens college basketball games for the years 1994 through 2000 is shown in the table, where t represents the year, with t=4 corresponding to 1994.
year t attendance a
4 4.557
5 4.962
6 5.234
7 6.734
8 7.387
9 8.698
10 8.825

a. use the regresssion feature of a graphing utility to find the cubic model for the data.
b. use the graphing utility to create a scatter plot of the data. then graph of the model and the scatter plot in the same viewing window. how do they compare?
c. according to the model found in part (a) in what year did attendance reach 5.5 million?
d. according to the model found in part (a), in what year did attendance reach 8 million?
e. according to the right hand behavior of the model, will the attendance continue to increase? explain

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