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posted by . are walking for 5 minutes. You walk a distance of 300 meters. What is your rate of meters per minute?

A.60 mpm
B.6 mpm
C.30 mpm(I PICK THIS)
D.1500 mpm

3.there are 3 bags of popcorn at the movie theater. Which one is the best buy?

Bag(A) 4.50 for 10 oz
Bag(B) 6.00 for 15 0z
Bag(C) 7.50 for 20 0z

B.bag B
D.Bag A and bag B are equally good values.

4. Samantha types 40 words per minute. How many words can Samantha type in 8 minutes?

A.48 words
B.240 words
C.320 words(I pick this)
D.360 words many miles can a car travel on 15 gallons of gas if it travels 28 miles on 1 gallon of gas?

A.43 miles
D.420miles(I PICK THIS)

  • math(CHECK ANSWERS) -

    2 is wrong. The others are right.

  • math(CHECK ANSWERS) -

    2 is bag A

  • math(CHECK ANSWERS) -

    No, it's actually D For 2.

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