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Lydia's company puts paint in cans that are in the shape of right circular cylinders. Which measure of the cans must be known in order to calculate the amount of paint that goes into the cans?

C.Surface Area

The city recreation department is planning their program for next year. They will conduct a survey to determine which sports they should offer. Which question would be best for the survey?

Do you want to play soccer next year?

Are you a good basketball player?

Have you ever played football

Do you know how to play lacrosse?

  • MATT -

    If you look on the can, it will probably give you either litres or gallons as its content, so clearly volume enters the picture.

    44. none of the the choices suit the survey they are conducting.
    Something like this would make more sense:

    Check one or more of the following sports you would like to participate in
    a) soccer
    b) basketball
    c) football
    d) lacrosse

  • MATT -

    42. Do you want to play soccer next year? is the correct answer

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