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What Does This Mean?

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This looks like a fairly straightforward question, but I am not getting exactly what they are trying to say.

"Earth's energy sources include both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house. Then describe the ideal source of energy for generating most of your home's electricity, and explain why you chose that source."

Do they mean that I list three sources that are appropriate for my home and could be used if I want? Then does the "ideal" source need to be from those three sources, or is it just describing which source actually gives my home's energy?

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    I think you're overthinking the question.

    Surely hamsters-in-a-cage is a source of energy, but not likely one you could or would choose.

    So, pick 3 real available sources, such as coal, electricity, nuclear, geothermal, etc.

    Then name one of those 3 as your "ideal" source -- for some definition of "ideal". Maybe in consideration of economy, ecology, practicality, etc.

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    Poop is healthy

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    What the heck are you talking about mom!

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