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kristyn is 4 years younger than mario. 3 years from now, she will be two thirds as old as mario. find their present age.

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    k = Kristyn
    m = Mario

    k = m -4
    (k + 3)= 2/3(m + 2)

    Substitute the value of k in the second equation.

    m - 4 + 3 = 2/3m + 4/3
    m - 1 = 2/3m + 4/3


    3(m - 1) = 3(2/3m + 4/3)
    3m - 3 = 2m + 4

    3m - 2m - 3 + 3 = 2m - 2m + 4 + 3

    m = 7

    Now put the value of m in the first equation. Or you can subtract 4 from 7.

    k = 7 - 4
    k = 3

    Kristyn is 3
    Mario is 7

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