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Last two CALC questions. :)

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8. If f(x) = sin(7 − 5x), find f′(π), which is the derivative at π:

* 0.657

9. Given the function:
g(x)={x+b, x<0
{cos(x), x≥0

Find the value of b, if any, that will make the function differentiable at x = 0.

* 2
No such value exists.
There is not enough information to determine the value.

  • Last two CALC questions. :) -

    f'(x) = -5cos(7-5x)
    f'(π) = -5cos(7-5π)
    = 3.769
    or your last choice of 3.770

  • Last two CALC questions. :) -

    #9.first, you need
    0+b = cos(0)
    so b=1
    Now f is continuous

    But you also need the derivative to be defined at x=0, so
    1 = -sin(0)
    But it does not. What that means is the left limit and right limit do not agree, so g' has a break at x=0.

    If you plot both parts of g(x), you can see that the slope changes abruptly at x=0:

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